Lumension is to launch a mobile device management (MDM) function to its endpoint management and security suite.


Set to be added later this year, Alan Bentley, senior vice president of worldwide sales for Lumension, told SC Magazine that it expected to release this "within the next six months with the capability built into our platform".


Features of it will include enforced password, remote device lock, disablement of device camera functionality, disablement of non-approved application installation and disablement of back-up to non-approved cloud storage providers.


Bentley said: “We listened to our customer base and asked them what they would like to see, and they said that they would like more visibility from a mobile point of view, so we will give a complete view of capabilities of devices, whether they are corporately or employee-owned.


“From our view we could buy, build or partner with another vendor, but we asked what the customer really wants and we looked at the existing technologies. We are very much focused on what the customer requirements are and we continue to develop feature sets as we go.”


This week, the company announced the launch of version 7.3 of its Lumension endpoint management and security suite (LEMSS) with specific functionality to help defend against reflective memory injection (RMI) attacks, it said.


According to the company, the new capability will protect against sophisticated RMI attacks that are frequently used in the weaponised payloads and attacks that have become more mainstream in today's IT environment.


Also enhanced is the suite's patch and remediation module and anti-virus capabilities, while the device control function now has the capability to encrypt a USB device on a PC, and then unencrypt, and read and write onto that USB device from a Mac.