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£12.90 per node

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Strengths: Full feature device and application control that is easy to manage

Weaknesses: Documentation could be slightly streamlined and include more visuals

Verdict: Lots of features and solid performance. If the documentation was a bit stronger it would make this a nearly perfect product

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The Lumension Endpoint Security solution brings together various Lumension controls into one platform. It comprises Device Control, Application Control and AntiVirus.

The Device Control portion takes a default deny approach to removable devices and media, ensuring that a solid policy can be created with no holes or mistakes. Application Control protects the network from users running possible malicious applications through a defined set of rules that prevents unauthorised execution of programs and executables. Finally, the AntiVirus component provides overall protection from malware including viruses, Trojans, rootkits, spyware and adware.

Installation of this product requires a multi-step process of installing the various components. This entails setting up the database backend, installing the server software, installing the management console and deploying the client. While the process is lengthy, we found it to be fairly straightforward and all component installations were guided by setup wizards. The management console application does an excellent job of organising various components and features of the product and we found it easy to navigate.

Lumension Endpoint Security integrates well with the existing Active Directory structure of our environment. Agent deployment can be done through a Group Policy Object, which ensures agents are deployed completely across the enterprise. Policy configuration and deployment is plugged into Active Directory, with the ability to assign various permissions to already existing groups and users.

The documentation provided comprised several PDF guides including ones on Device Control and Application Control and a quick setup guide and administrator manual. We found all of these guides to be easy to follow, with many step-by-step instructions but there was a lack of screenshots and configuration examples. We think adding more visuals to the documentation would be helpful in better understanding how to use the product.

Lumension offers standard support included in the licensing price of the product. This includes phone technical and email support with one business day response time. Premium support is also available at an extra cost, which includes 24/7 phone support and four-hour email response time.*

There is also a customer forum and knowledgebase on the website that customers can access regardless of support level.

At a price just under £13 per node for the full Endpoint Security solution we find it to be great value for the money. Customers can also purchase any of the three components separately depending on their needs, which provides for flexibility.

* In the US. Contact regional offices for local support details.

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