Lumension introduces first parts of its endpoint management platform strategy

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Lumension has announced the launch of its endpoint management and security suite as part of its endpoint management platform.

Lumension has announced the launch of its endpoint management and security suite as part of its endpoint management platform.

Delivered in a single architecture, the company claimed that the platform will deliver tighter integrations and workflows across IT security and operations to help organisations optimise security and compliance posture, reduce technology complexity and decrease total cost of ownership.

The endpoint management and security suite include elements of Lumension's single-agent architecture and two of its product modules (patch and remediation and security configuration management) with plans to release additional product functionality throughout 2010.

It claimed that its platform will be designed to leverage common messaging and distributed service delivery to provide a wide range of modular products through a single promotable agent and management console.

It is also planning to expand cloud-based content services, which will provide an intelligent approach to application identification and assurance while delivering impact analysis for endpoint operations and security decisions.

Pat Clawson, chairman and CEO of Lumension, said: “Today's security landscape has fundamentally shifted. As financially motivated attackers continually develop increasingly clever and stealthy means of compromising systems and stealing confidential data, businesses need to wake up to the reality that the old threat-centric approach is no longer effective against a new generation of attacks.

“The industry's traditional approach to IT security has remained the same — very threat-centric. Organisations continue to add to an existing stack of niche technologies to address individual threats and compliance issues, which only exacerbates the problem with limited risk visibility and policy enforcement, resulting in increasing overall TCO.

“Today's approach requires a combination of things to be successful. First and foremost, organisations need to break down the silos between the security and operations groups and open up the channels of communication and visibility. By doing this, you can start to build a more holistic and collaborative approach to endpoint management and security by tightly integrating processes and policies with enabling technologies and people.”


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