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SAC: £9.65 per seat; SDC: £9.65 per seat

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Strengths: Great console, great support and great documentation

Weaknesses: Features are not spectacular

Verdict: If you can afford the annual licence and use other Lumension products, the Sanctuary Suite is a good investment

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Lumension offers a pair of products, Sanctuary Application Control and Sanctuary Device Control, that work in tandem to provide protection of devices and applications running on the endpoints. Both are administered from a central configuration interface, which is installed on a Windows 2003 server with a SQL database installed.

The management interface allows applications, users, groups, devices and almost anything else in the enterprise to be selected, detailed audits to be run, or for reports to be made. It allows the administrator to go as granular as they want to go.

The management console is feature-rich, but is also a bit busy and takes time to get used to. The management application has a flat learning curve and the Sanctuary Suite is fairly simple for administrators to run. They install an agent on to Windows-based client versions Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 and newer.

Sanctuary Application Control works by controlling applications from a white list perspective, meaning that they must be expressly permitted to run.

Sanctuary Device Control also provides an intuitive name. It restricts access to ports on endpoints. A unique feature is that the application can specify not just whether a device needs to be encrypted, but to what level it should be encrypted to.

Support is first rate. A big plus is that standard support of eight hours a day, five days a week, local time is free. This option covers many different methods of support. Email, phone and an online knowledge base are all part of the standard support solution*.

Documentation for the Sanctuary is the best of this group review. There are many PDFs that are part of the online knowledge base, but there are also video demos, which show common tasks.

Both Sanctuary Application Control and Device Control are £9.65 per seat. The figures appear to be on the low end of the price spectrum, but because they are annual licences they can elevate the cost to the high end of the spectrum.

*In the United States. Please contact regional office for UK and European support details.

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