Today is the latest to be declared as the busiest internet shopping day of the year.


Internet trade body IMRG has said the UK's Christmas online retail sales could reach £13.6bn with £320m forecast to be spent online.


The peak shopping hour will take place between 1300-1400 GMT, the traditional lunch hour, when £28m could be spent online in an hour.


Research by polling organisation GfK NOP, said one in 10 online shoppers were also planning to have their online Christmas shopping delivered to work, with forecasts suggesting around 5.2 million people will be doing online Christmas shopping at work this year.


Ivobank's head of commercial development, Martin Peterlechner, claimed that this highlighted the extent to which internet shopping had become ingrained in our everyday lives.


He told the BBC website: “The results suggest most employers would rather their staff make a couple of quick purchases online at work than take an extended lunch break to shop at the local high street.”