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c£30 per user for the full suite, based on 10,000 users

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Strengths: Full identity management suite that is easy to use for both administrators and users

Weaknesses: Nothing we could find

Verdict: A solid product, well supported, but it does come with a rather hefty price tag

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The M-Tech Identity Management Suite is made up of several different modules. The two main ones are ID-Synch and P-Synch. The former focuses on the user lifecycle. This piece can manage a user from hire all the way through to termination with most management through automation and user self-service.

P-Synch is the password management piece of the suite and includes features such as password synchronisation and user self-reset.

We found this product to be easy to use right out of the box. Installation of the components is simple, guided by easy-to-follow wizards. The management consoles are just as user-friendly. All are organised in an intuitive and easy-to-navigate fashion.

On the user side, the simplicity continues with a self-enrolment station for provisioning requests and the password management site is also quite intuitive.

When it comes to performance, we found this product to be quite flexible. It comes with built-in connectors for up to 70 different types of systems. This means that no matter what environment is set up in your organisation, the M-Tech Identity Management Suite will probably be able to automate user provisioning.

We also found the focus on user self-service and automation to be a nice approach. From top to bottom, this product can be customised to fit into any environment.

Documentation is made up of several PDF guides. The configuration guide and user manuals are very clear and understandable, with detailed step-by-step configuration instructions. We found the user guide to have a lot of useful screenshots and examples, which really helped us in using feature sets.

M-Tech offers support services to their customers as an annual support plan. This package includes 24/7 email support and phone assistance during office hours, as well as remote control assistance and VPN access.

At a price of around £30 per user at the 10,000 user level, this product may seem pricey. However, we judge it better-than-average value for money because it offers a full identity management suite that is easy to use and simple to deploy.

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