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M-Tech ID Synch and P Synch



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£26 per user

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Strengths: Very easy to install and configure considering its range of features, intuitive web-based interface

Weaknesses: Proxy server component is difficult to understand

Verdict: For SMEs the packages are intuitive enough to not create needless administrative overhead. Best Buy

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Between M-Tech's two companion programs, almost all tasks in the realm of identity management are covered. ID Synch performs most of the identity management tasks, including provisioning, workflow creation, distributed administration and reporting. It is primarily a web-based package that uses SSL for protecting the data during transmission. P-Synch performs the single sign-on component.

Installing the M-Tech packages was the easiest of any of the products we tested that included so many features. The programs were both wizard-driven and were straightforward to install. The ID Synch Proxy component was the only piece that left us trying to figure out exactly how to use it. It is necessary for relaying communication in large enterprise environments and needed to be installed on separate hardware from the ID Synch server.

When some subjects in this test made us feel like we needed a training course or two in order to understand how to configure the product, the web-based configuration of the M-Tech suites felt intuitive and easy to understand. For example, each of the major headings in the menus reflected commonly used terms in the field of identity management. In addition, the auto-discovery feature to find logins and passwords on managed systems is a nice touch that makes ongoing administration easier.

Documentation for this product is in the form of several indexed PDF files. Creating a web-based front-end to direct the reader directly to the correct file would be a nice feature to have. The installation guide is particularly well written and it performs a more than adequate job of leading the installer through the process.

M-Tech offers different support options for its products. The website does not have an easy-to-find support section, but the documentation is readily available online.

Priced in the middle of the range for this group test, the M-Tech products offer a large number of features for the money. For its rich feature set, performance and ease of use we rate this our Best Buy.

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