M86 Security has announced that its newly branded secure web gateway will be available in the first quarter of 2010.

Obtained from its acquisition of Finjan, the appliance will provide protection for medium to large organisations from web-based threats, which are expected to grow in 2010. It will continue to maintain Finjan's hardware and software base to ensure a smooth transition for new and existing customers.

William Kilmer, chief marketing officer at M86 Security, said: “One of the goals of the Finjan deal was to acquire the best technology in the business in order to improve our stance as the recognised leader in comprehensive inbound and outbound content security. The secure web gateway is the first of our product line integrations that will deliver on this promise and provide unmatched protection for our customers.”

The company claimed that the Finjan technology provides enhanced protection with active real-time content inspection and code analysis technology. In addition, its anti-crimeware and anti-malware technology protects against malware specialised to penetrate Web 2.0 technologies.

M86 Security said that the addition of the Finjan secure web gateway product line rounds out M86's security offerings for web security by adding to the company's appliance and software offerings.