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Hidden M&A cyber-risks and value - due diligence can uncover deal-breakers

Cyber-diligence can unveil under-investment in information security, that it contains hidden vulnerabilities and has evidence of compromise - which may be of strategic importance to a deal.

Cyber-due diligence demanded for mergers, acquisitions, & cyber readiness

Given the potential the impact a significant data leak could have on the valuation of a target company, M&A practitioners must appreciate that organisations should do whatever is necessary to preserve the value of their deals.

CA Technologies acquiring Veracode for greater market coverage

Acquisition will reportedly deliver speed and security from app development to production and bridge CA's security business with its broad DevOps portfolio.

Fighting cyber-crime: an investment for the future

Graham Carberry provides insight into why Britain is one of the biggest targets of cyber-attack worldwide and the technological developments they are seeing come from innovative security businesses

Amidst lawsuit, McAfee aims to innovate as a separate entity

As Intel proceeds with plans to divest its majority stake in Intel Security, the chipmaker's security business unit, a lawsuit filed against Intel threatens to create challenges for the entity.