Safend has added enterprise protection for Mac products to its data protection suite.

According to the company, Safend Protector for Mac controls and generates audit logs for physical port access and removable device access to Macs using the Leopard and Snow Leopard operating system.

The new version secures the iPad, iPhone and Mac in the enterprise and enhancements include blocking and logging data leakage in programs such as iTunes, using Safend's content aware application control technology.

Edy Almer, vice president of product management at Safend, said: “The rise in use of Macs and other Apple products allows for increased productivity within organisations, but these devices also bring new security concerns.

“With the data protection suite's ability to protect Macs and manage the content aware application control channel, organisations no longer have to prohibit usage of devices that were previously deemed risky for the enterprise.”

Michael Osterman, principal at Osterman Research, said: “While products including iPads and iPods are innovative and user-friendly, they are also exceptionally attractive to data thieves when loaded with sensitive corporate information. The need to secure these products and the data they carry is as critical as securing any other device that could potentially be a target for a breach or theft.”