Machine Learning News, Articles and Updates

Cyber resilience and the emergence of prescriptive security:

From reactive network security capabilities we moved to developing predictive capabilities and now we are now able to achieve prescriptive security capability, intervening autonomously or flagging up issues to assist human decisions.

AI, IoT & the crash test dummies: testing autonomous vehicle development

Humans and machine learning will have to come together to test autonomous vehicles, and the idea of crash test dummy with an AI brain may soon become a very necessary reality.

Weaponised AI. Davey Winder asks the industry - is that a thing yet?

According to research announced during the recent Black Hat conference in Vegas, some 62 per cent of infosec pros reckon weaponised AI will be in use by threat actors within 12 months.

Humans versus Machines

Sándor Bálint explores the need for cohesion between humans and machines in the cyber-security sector.

Understanding AI development. Teaching machines to interpret data

Laurent Bride explores factors constraining future development of AI while outlining the potential practical opportunities where AI might be used to enhance our lives - a precurssor to exploring infosec concerns and usage.

Man and Machine Learning Merging to Boost Cyber-security

Bogdan Botezatu discusses what organisations can do to give themselves the best possible chance of evading and protecting against APTs, and how the next wave of cyber-security solutions are using machine learning algorithms to help beat the malware and stay one step ahead of the hackers.

AI in cyber-security - are we trying to run before we can crawl?

Intelligent and automated systems are currently being touted as the next step in cyber-security to help combat the 'always-on' cyber-criminal, but are they right for us? And are we prepared for them?