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Ursnif banking Trojan targets Australia with new evasive macros

On 19 September, the TA530 group sent personalised emails utilising company names, personal names, titles and more to deliver malicious Word documents.

New Locky ransomware campaign sets sights on Amazon customers

Amazon customers are the target of a wide-ranging phishing email scam intended to fool recipients into opening up a malicious attachment that results in the downloading of Locky ransomware.

Researchers spot macro malware used to spread Neutrino

Researchers at Zscaler spotted attackers using macro malware as a vector to spread the Neutrino bot via spearphishing emails.

Microsoft Word users fuming as abnormal update borks macros

Microsoft security patch causes users to lose customised templates and safe macros, leaving cyber-security commentators shaking their heads that the software giant could make such a newbie mistake.

Hackers revive Word macro malware in AutoIT RAT attack

Hackers have launched phishing attacks on organisations using legitimate automated management tools, according to Cisco.

Macro malware epidemic returns

The return of a decade-old attack vector, the malicious macro, requires a granular, policy-based approach to managing email at the gateway, says Greg Sim.