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Strengths: Many useful features and a solid support offering

Weaknesses: Committing rule changes takes too long, even with zero load

Verdict: It fulfills many key content management security requirements at an attractive price

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PineApp's Mail-SeCure 3000 is primarily an email content management appliance that operates in a gateway mode to ensure anti-spam, anti-virus and content filtering protection for most common email architectures. It has the ability to provide TLS gateway-to-gateway encryption, but more detailed message-based encryption is accomplished through additional third party components.

Installation of this particular appliance could have been a bit easier. All of the installation tasks were manual and we were not presented with any wizard-driven interfaces, which may make life easier for some administrators.

Once the product is up and running, there are plenty of defences to protect against spam, malware, phishing and data leakage. The web interface is easy to use and several of the tasks are logically organised.

The performance of Mail-SeCure 3000 seemed a bit slower than most. Committing rule and configuration changes took a bit longer than we are used to. This may be a direct result of the appliance's own capabilities: it boasts over 11 different anti-virus engines. Typical enterprise features for high availability, reporting, logging and overall administration were excellent.

If the buyer happens to be a Check Point customer, the device has a feature that utilises OPSEC and forwards IP reputation information directly to the firewall in order to offload the processing of those blocked connections.

All in all, the PineApp device delivers on all of the content management features that you would expect in order to secure inbound and outbound messages, despite the small dip in performance already noted.

From a documentation perspective, we were unable to locate any online help information within the appliance itself. This is very unusual for such a device with an important role in the enterprise. Unfortunately, users will have to refer to ancillary electronic or hard copies of the supporting materials for assistance with Mail-SeCure.

PineApp offers free 8/5 phone and email support and a hardware replacement warranty for one year. Additional support packages are available.

At £2,600, Mail-SeCure 3000 offers excellent value for money.

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