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MailGate 3.7





MailGate 3.7



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Strengths: Excellent usability bundled with strong email security and content management features

Weaknesses: Nothing that we found

Verdict: Great value for money, given the powerful protection mechanisms and price points

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MailGate email security and content management solution from Axway offers inbound and outbound protection for downstream SMTP architectures. It bundles anti-virus, anti-spam, content filtering, policy management and encryption capabilities together in one hardware appliance.

Installing the appliance could not have been easier. Once we were up and running, we were very impressed with the overall interface. It is an interesting combination of excellent usability and simplification of common tasks. In fact, there really are not that many browser tabs to navigate in the grand scheme of things. Every feature and option, and there are many, is easily accessible. The dashboard presents the information very well and this is definitely one of the better interfaces we have used.

Aside from the aesthetics, MailGate delivers on all of the common protections for anti-spam, anti-virus and overall content management. Security for encryption is also handled well. The common SMTP over TLS is available, but messages can also be secured using S/MIME. All of the encryption decisions are triggered by policy enforcement options and configurations.

An interesting and useful feature is the ability to convert sensitive Office-type documents into secure PDF files. The PDFs are secured with a password, and functions such as copy/paste and print or even editing the document can be suppressed if needed to preserve the integrity of the message. MailGate can also remove metadata and edit outbound messages to preserve corporate policy. The appliance has a very strong set of features and options for the price.

Documentation on the appliance within the Axway website is excellent. Axway offers customer support portals both for its current line and also the legacy Tumbleweed customer portal.

Gold (8/5) and platinum (24/7) support options are available as part of the bundled product at various fee schedules on a per-year basis. Dedicated account management and support options are available as well.

Overall, we feel the strong feature-set and usability provide excellent value for money, given the powerful protection mechanisms MailGate offers.

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