Most major financial hacks completely covered up

News by Danielle Correa

Most companies are continuously targeted by cyber-attacks, but the public only knows about a small portion of security breaches. Lieberman Software surveyed IT professionals attending Microsoft Ignite 2015.  Eighty seven percent of respondents stated that they feel large financial hacks are happening more often than they are reported, occurring right under auditors.

More than half of IT professionals believe that their network is a continuous target for hackers. About 70 percent of respondents feel that an Advanced Persistent Threat attack will try to breach their organisation in the next six months.

Philip Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software Corporation, said: “The fact that IT professionals believe that data breaches are occurring more frequently than reported is revealing. Due to today's advanced cyber-attacks, intruders are already within most IT environments, are undetectable, and have access to credentials on every compromised machine.”

Data breaches remain a consistent threat to organisations. Lieberman Software still sees many IT auditors that take the easy route, accepting any answers given by an IT department. IT professionals are aware of the situation, proving no surprise to the 87 percent of respondents revealing the likelihood of financial hacks happening under the nose of security auditors.

Due to APTs and other cyber-attacks, most organisations have been breached and scanned for vulnerabilities. 

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