Major migration expected to Windows 7 over the next two years

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The IT industry is entering a make or break period for organisations considering the upgrade to Windows 7.

The IT industry is entering a make or break period for organisations considering the upgrade to Windows 7.

According to technology solutions provider SCC, the next two years represent a critical stage in the evolution of the corporate desktop. It said that it believes that with Microsoft scheduled to begin withdrawing support for the XP platform in 2014, interest in migration is approaching its peak.

It also believes following that user concerns over application compatibility, security improvements and the ease of management proven after a year in the wild, organisations will begin to significantly ramp up their upgrade plans over the next 12 months.

Rhys Sharp, SCC's chief technology officer, said: “There isn't one big reason why the next two years will be a pivotal point in the migration to Windows 7, but there are a lot of small ones that when combined will deliver the final push towards industry's wholesale adoption of the system.

“Equally compelling will be the fact that organisations leaving it too late to start out on the upgrade path could find themselves squeezed by an inevitable surge in demand in the final months of XP's supported lifecycle. The clock is ticking, and for businesses that run out of time the consequences could be serious.”

The consumerisation of IT has been well highlighted, as workers are now using technology personally that is often superior to what they are provided with in the work environment.

“Windows 7 has its own place in a cultural shift where workers can become unsatisfied or demotivated if their work experience compares unfavourably with the technologies they use at home. Like it or not, the business sector is being sucked into the whirlwind that has changed the face of consumer IT in less than five years,” said Sharp.


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