Most UK employers in the IT sector invest in their employees by paying for training and certification exams, according to a new survey.

Pearson VUE, an examination company, surveyed 738 British IT exam candidates and discovered that 58 percent of respondents had their training paid for by their employers. Certification exams were paid for 57 percent of respondents by their employers.

Almost two thirds (64 percent) of IT pros are reaping the rewards of their company's investments in them. They say that gaining the qualification had a positive impact on their careers.

“Our research shows that British IT employers recognise the value of their staff gaining further qualifications as a boost to their careers, because this benefits the employer as well in terms of productivity and efficiency,” said Matthew Poyiadgi, CP EMEA at Pearson VUE.

Over 90 percent of respondents intend to obtain an additional certification in the coming year.