What makes an SC Media award win: Symantec

News by Georganna Simpson

Which technologies are eliminating threats, sharpening cyber-defences and pushing for progress? Symantec's AI solution, according to the SC Europe awards. We find out why it's a cut above the rest

Symantec scooped not one, but two awards at this year’s SC Europe Awards 2019. 

They were awarded "Best Endpoint Security" and "Best use of Machine Learning/ AI".

SC Media finds out what led them to pick up the latter award. 

Why did Symantec win? 

Symantec Targeted Attack Analytics (TAA) solution uses Symantec’s telemetry dataset and Attack Investigator Team to create artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms that expose attack patterns occurring in the customer environment.

The technology has a holistic view of both the customer’s company and its sector to determine the source, scope and impact of an attack in hours. 

This cloud-based analytic service enables the frequent re-training and evolution of analytics to adapt to new attack methods with no product updates.

Anything else? 

Traditional breach detection captures isolated scans from organisation-wide termination points.

Where traditional breach detection can easily miss the most dangerous threats to an organisation, TAA leverages event data from all customer termination points (endpoint, proxy, email, and cloud).

Symantec’s data scientists continually develop new AI algorithms that run on this data lake. These algorithms can detect suspicious activity, which Symantec researchers review for its affected customers. TAA then creates a real-time incident—with a detailed analysis of the attacker, techniques, affected users, impacted machines and remediation guidance.

How does it help solve the client problem? 

TAA provides its customers with early warning to emerging APT attack activity and reduces the time it takes to expose attacks underway in the customer environment. So when an attack pattern is found in the customer environment, a real-time incident is created and streamed to the console preventing possible data exfiltration.

TAA rapidly finds and correlates those covert targeted attacks and adds context and actionable insights in the incident details. This allows customers to prioritise their scarce resources on the incidents that truly matter, instead of spending time sifting through false positives.

Any impressive stats? 

Applying artificial intelligence to analyse of over 3.7 billion lines of telemetry, Symantec automatically updates its intelligence on millions of malicious files and URL threat indicators every day to:

- Service 8 billion requests per day
- Protect 80 million web proxy users
- Secure 175 million endpoints
- Protect 63 million email users
- Serve 50 million consumers


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