Malicious Apps News, Articles and Updates

Malicious Android adware apps downloaded 500,000 times

Malicious actors managed to foil Google's Play Protect app vetting process and place numerous malicious apps into the store Sophos Labs by having them lay doggo before activating and bombarding the victim with unwanted ads.

36 malicious apps advertised as security tools spotted in Google Play

Trend Micro researchers notified Google that 36 malicious apps on Google Play are posing as security tools.

21.1 m hit by ExpensiveWall trojan in Google Play, runs up your bill

A malware's been dubbed ExpensiveWall found its way onto Google Play in what has been claimed to have been the second-biggest outbreak to ever hit Google's platform, helping push it to No 2 spot in sources of blacklisted Apps.

Researchers find more malware-infested apps on Google Play

Bankbot found in apps uploaded by same author on Google Play, abuses Accessibliity Service feature

State-sponsored hackers turn to Android malware to spy on Israeli soldiers

ViperRat discovered by researchers, designed to exfiltrate data from Israeli Defence Force via Android phones using honey traps.

Malicious apps leveraging top UK brands has increased by 130%

The number of malicious apps leveraging top UK brands has grown by 130 percent year on year.

Knock Knock! Unique new backdoor Trojan infecting computers

Backdoors normally implement remote control tool TeamViewer in order to get unauthorised access to an infected computer. However, a newly-discovered Trojan, BackDoor.TeamViewer.49, uses the tool for less obvious reasons.

It's a trap! WhatsApp Gold 'premium' version lures users to malware

A new scam is tricking users of WhatsApp into downloading a so-called exclusive version of the app called 'WhatsApp Gold', which infects mobile devices with malware.

Update: eBay 'cesspit' has 'no plans' to fix severe vulnerability

Though a large vulnerability was discovered in eBay's global sales platform, the company has 'no plans' to fix the active code exploit.