Internet users have been warned over malicious links that are believed to contain keywords related to the outbreak of swine flu.


Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer at F-Secure, claimed that he had not ‘found any malware from the swine flu domains yet' but did not recommend ‘randomly googling for them and clicking the links'.


Writing via his Twitter account, Hypponen claimed that he had seen around 140 new .com domains registered over the weekend with the words ‘swine' and ‘flu' in their name. Examples given included,,,,, and


Hypponen said: “Anybody want to guess how long will it take until somebody writes a computer virus and calls it ‘H1N1' or ‘Swine Flu'?”


The disease has had huge press coverage over the weekend following an outbreak in Mexico, with reports of the numbers of victims ranging from 81 to over a hundred. Mexican health minister Jose Angel Cordova Villalobos claimed that there were 1,614 reported cases.


This has led to Indonesia, China and Russia banning imports of pork and pork products from Mexico, and three US states reporting cases of swine flu, and other governments increasing their screening of pork imports. Many nations have issued travel warnings for Mexico.