Malware Campaign News, Articles and Updates

Top security flaws move to Microsoft from Adobe

Hackers more likely to use cryptocurrency mining malware than an exploit kit, report says. Malware campaigns have shifted focus onto Microsoft and cryptocurrency mining rather than using flaws in Adobe Flash and exploit kits.

Moonlight maze back from the dead, powering modern Turla malware

An ancient infected server, analysed by researchers at King's College London and Kaspersky Lab, has uncovered possible links between Turla and Moonlight Maze.

ATM malware gang member arrested in Romania

The City of London Police have arrested a man in Romania charged with involvement in a campaign that installed malware on to ATMs around the UK

Malicious Android apps downloaded 'over 2 billion times', report claims

Proofpoint's new report shows that malicious androids apps were downloaded two billion times and explains how attackers are not targeting systems but the humans behind them.

Malware campaign discovered targeting Latin America for 7 years

A seven-year long malware campaign has been discovered to be targeting several Latin American countries.