Smartphone attacks are likely to increase, as users are encouraged to take as much care with their device as with their PC.

According to a report by CNN, smartphone security threats are likely to rise as the popularity of smartphones is on the rise and malware could be heading for them.

Jake Widman, a San Francisco-based technology writer and analyst, said: “It's guaranteed that almost everything we see on a computer will show up on a smartphone - and some new things.”

Andrew Storms, director, information technology at nCircle Network Security, told CNN that ‘what we haven't seen is the massive anonymous attacking across all of the smartphone bases'.

“[Traditional] worms and viruses continue to breed and move on from computer to computer - the attacks we see today on the smartphone market are targeted attacks," said Storms.

Analysts, according to the CNN report, say that people who take security precautions on their home computers either forget to do so with their phones or do not think they need to in the first place.

Storms said: “We've not become accustomed to thinking twice about it. The risk exists. It's going to continue to exist and continue to increase."

However on a positive note, the article claimed that smartphones present problems for hackers and other bad guys that traditional computers do not. Also as most viruses and other malware are designed for Windows, and smartphones use a variety of different platforms, someone writing malicious software needs to pick and choose.

While email databases exist that enable phishers, spammers and others to blast their messages to huge chunks of users at once, it is tougher to get lists of telephone numbers, much less numbers specifically for smartphone users.

Storms said: “There's a greater barrier to entry for the black hats. It's a little bit more of a difficult platform to attack.”