Malware statistics reveal variations in malware infections world-wide

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If you live in Manchester, Orlando, Ottawa or Lisbon, you might want to ask why your cities are getting slammed the worst by malware, according to statistics from an anti-malware company.

A comparison of malware by geographical location has revealed the worst battlegrounds in the world-wide malware wars.

According to figures gathered by Enigma Software Group, makers of SpyHunter anti-malware software, malware rates soared in some cities by nearly 1150 percent above the average world-wide rate.

In the UK, Manchester, London and Derby reported the most computer infections.

In North America, Ottawa and Trois-Rivieres lead in Canada, while Orlando, St. Louis, Denver and Atlanta topped the US list.

In Europe, Lisbon, Athens and Paris have the highest per capita attack rates in the European Union.

“It's hard to explain why one city's infection rate is so much higher than another,” said Enigma Software spokesperson Ryan Gerding. “But regardless of where they live, all consumers should remain vigilant for the threat of an attack on their computer.”

Enigma examined the rates of infections in 30 UK cities and generated a top ten list of infected cities:

  1. Manchester 391% higher than the UK average

  2. London 129% higher than the UK average

  3. Derby 53% higher

  4. Sheffield 45% higher

  5. Leicester 10% higher

  6. Nottingham 3% higher

  7. Liverpool 15% lower

  8. Southampton 32% lower

  9. York 43% lower

  10. Brighton 50% lower

It also examined several other countries and regions.

United States

Orlando, St. Louis and Denver headed the list of US cities with the highest infection rates in April.

  1. Orlando 1146% higher than the national average infection rate

  2. St. Louis 958% higher than the national average infection rage

  3. Denver 759% higher

  4. Atlanta 738% higher

  5. Tampa 696% higher

  6. Madison 511% higher

  7. Washington, DC 429% higher

  8. Newark 409% higher

  9. Cincinnati 382% higher

  10. Cleveland 301% higher

  11. Raleigh 282% higher

  12. Minneapolis 245% higher

  13. Miami 213% higher

  14. Irvine 206% higher

  15. Las Vegas 171% higher


SpyHunter detected a little more than 75,000 infections on computers in Canada in April 2017. That's a drop of 14.3 percent from March.

Ottawa remained at the top of the list of infections for the eighth straight month with an infection rate that's a whopping 1031% higher than the national average, followed by Trois-Rivieres, Montreal, Burlington and Toronto.

  1. Ottawa 1031% higher than the national average in April

  2. Trois-Rivieres 153% higher

  3. Montreal 122% higher

  4. Burlington 110% higher

  5. Toronto 80% higher

  6. Vancouver 77% higher

  7. Regina 66% higher

  8. St. Catharines 33% higher

  9. Halifax 27% higher

  10. Calgary 27% higher


Lisbon, Paris, and Athens top the list of EU cities with the highest malware infection rate in April 2017. Enigma's experts looked at infections reported on its customers' computers throughout the EU. Enigma looked at almost half a million infections detected on computers in the 50 largest cities in the EU. Here's the breakdown of the cities with the highest infection rates in the EU in April 2017.

  1. Lisbon 473% higher than the average infection rate for the top 50 cities

  2. Paris 223% higher than the average infection rate

  3. Athens 214% higher

  4. Amsterdam 147% higher

  5. Barcelona 96% higher

  6. Brussels 80% higher

  7. Bucharest 75% higher

  8. Warsaw 59% higher

  9. Madrid 55% higher

  10. Budapest 28% higher

  11. Prague 23% higher

  12. Zagreb 23% higher

  13. Stuttgart 14% higher

  14. Berlin 7% higher

  15. Riga 4% lower

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