Managed security services increase as budgets stretch

News by Ava Fedorov

Managed security services are increasingly becoming the go-to for companies looking to increase their level of cyber-security, a new analysis by Pierre Audoin Consultants reveals. With budgets and global security skills both stretched thin, organisations are outsourcing their security needs in order to meet the minimum required to protect their data.

Focusing only on companies within the UK, the study proved that despite the general awareness of an evolving threat landscape, and the majority of companies discussing cyber-security in their boardrooms, less than half of these firms have increased their cyber-security budgets. Many surveyed also cited that the increased IT security workloads have put staff under “intense pressure.”

Thus, outsourcing security work has become a viable solution, and according to the report, one-third of companies currently use managed security services, while even more bring on external cyber-security specialists on a per project basis.

“Firms are between a rock and a hard place when it comes to cyber security provision,” Duncan Brown, research director at PAC, said on the company's blog. “The double whammy of insufficient funds and a scarcity of skills appears to be driving organisations towards external resources, including outsourcing, even though there is a clear reluctance to do this.” 

Brown highlights the “selective outsourcing model” as a positive solution for companies struggling to meet security demands, calling it an “entirely pragmatic approach.”

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