Managed Security Services News, Articles and Updates

Increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks make security integral to success

It's not enough to see cloud adoption as an addition to existing security technologies and practices - businesses must adapt their entire security solution to become cloud-centric, and businesses must prepare for future threats.

Rethinking security - How SMBs can benefit from managed security services

Many SMBs conclude that the best way to gain proper protection is through a managed services approach and more managed service providers (MSPs) rising to the challenge and adding managed security services says Mike Puglia.

Using outsourced security to update policies, procedures & infrastructure

Managed security services can alleviate the uncertainty security professionals currently experience about their ability to take full advantage of the latest technology, security best practices and 24x7x365 monitoring says David Venable.

Three reasons to consider Managed Security Services

Jeff Finch offers reasons for organisations to take advantage of Managed Security Services (MSS).