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Strengths: Excellent IDS capability, first-rate ease of use and wide variety of compatible APs supported

Weaknesses: No proactive blocking

Verdict: A solid offering especially when used with access points that have good built-in blocking capabilities

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The ManageEngine solution provides organisations with a centrally manageable WLAN security product. The WiFi Manager v5.6 provides constant monitoring for the network as well as its airspace. Administrators and IT staff are able to enforce policy and configuration updates for numerous access points with a one-click approach.

This tool has the ability to detect major threats against WLANs, including denial-of-service attacks, various rogue attacks, wireless sniffers and numerous vulnerabilities. AdventNet uses both wired and wireless detection to find wireless devices on the network. The ManageEngine WiFi Manager v5.6 is compatible with more than 85 access points from 19 vendors, including Cisco, 3com, Dell and HP.

Setting up the WiFi Manager is straightforward and sensor discovery is automatic. This product leverages the enterprise’s routing or switching infrastructure to control rogue access points. It discovers a rogue access point and reports it. The administrator can then disable the access point through its associate router or switch.

This product does not offer any proactive blocking, but does include a very good intrusion detection system. It also does not directly locate access points geographically.

AdventNet provides thorough documentation for deployment. The user manual provides a step-by-step method that covers pre-installation actions as well as in-depth installation configuration documentation. The table of contents is linked, offering a quick installation, configuration and FAQ information access. Screenshots aid users with a useful visual framework for deployment and configuration.

AdventNet includes two support options with this product. The first is a free 30-day evaluation support package featuring email, office-hour phone and webEx support. The second, a paid support option, includes the same as above extended to 24-hour phone assistance, online access, remote connect and service pack upgrades including major/minor releases.

Pricing starts at £244, which is very low for the products we tested in this group, making it. good value for money.

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