IT managers lose track of mobile devices and three-quarters admit they do not know where their laptops are

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Almost two-thirds of IT managers in the UK lose track of their remote and mobile assets.

Almost two-thirds of IT managers in the UK lose track of their remote and mobile assets.

Research by Absolute Software found that 65 per cent of IT managers have lost track of their mobiles and 75 per cent of larger enterprises do not know where all of their laptops are at any one time, while only half of small-to- medium enterprises do.

Dave Everitt, general manager EMEA at Absolute Software, said: “The research results show that a high number of IT managers are in need of better IT asset management to enable them to keep track of their mobile equipment and keep the data on them safe.

“The consumerisation of the mobile enterprise means that employees are becoming increasingly reliant on using personal mobile devices both from home and in the workplace. However, it's imperative that IT managers know exactly how staff are working and where their organisation's mobile devices are to avoid a creeping laptop lethargy, where it is just assumed that everything is okay.”

The survey also found that 44 per cent are not able to keep track of both their PCs and Macs on the same network.

Earlier this year, the BBC admitted that they had lost

146 laptops and 65 mobile phones, while government departments such as the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Defence have both confessed to major device losses under Freedom of Information Act requests 


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