IT managers view outsourcing as a major threat for next year

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Cybercrime and outsourcing have been identified as the top security concerns for 2009.

Cybercrime and outsourcing have been identified as the top security concerns for 2009.


According to a study by Lumension Security, 50 per cent of IT operations professionals viewed outsourcing as an imminent and near-time critical risk, while more than 75 per cent of IT security professionals noted cybercrime as a major issue.


As companies are looking to reduce costs based on economic factors in 2009, the company believes that outsourcing will continue to be an attractive option for efficiency gains. The top risks posed by outsourcing according to IT security (50 per cent) and IT operations (59 per cent) respondents is the exposure of sensitive information to third parties and the threat that this data will be improperly protected in transit.


The biggest concern relative to data loss is the threat of data making it into the hands of cyber thieves, thus wreaking continued havoc not just on the customers whose data was stolen, but also on the organisations responsible for that lost data.


Larry Ponemon, chairman and founder of the Ponemon Institute, said: “With the emergence of consumer technology in the workplace, coupled with social networking and Web 2.0 technologies and the increased sophistication of cybercriminals, truly securing an organisation's IT environment is an uphill battle.


“In the next year or two, these challenges will increase in both the breadth and depth of threats – the companies we surveyed made this very clear. The key for both IT operations and IT security is to find the common ground necessary to effectively handle this security battle together.”


Andrew Clarke, senior vice president, international at Lumension Security, said: “Given the breadth and depth of security breaches spanning the globe this year – all of which have had a long-lasting negative impact on organisations and consumers alike – IT security and IT operations professionals have an increasingly critical task at hand, to protect sensitive data wherever it resides in an organisation.”


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