It's been a busy week as I was chairing the Optimise or Compromise IT Security Leaders event in Manchester and London. We had pretty good turnout in both venues although the panel debate was maybe more lively in London. The ten-minute vendor pitches are a good idea - especially when I can gong off those that transgress. I don't know yet whether we have found a definitive answer to the question-- perhaps we will at the final event in Edinburgh this coming Thursday 02 April. Or perhaps we never will. Or perhaps inspiration will strike me on the National Express on Wednesday night... perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

I discovered a new web plaything at the conference thanks to Vistorm's Mark Lawrence: Spotify. Sadly (or gladly) my Haymarket IT guys seem to have it blocked (for bandwidth reasons I guess) so I've been using it at home. And very cool it is too -- a welcome competitor to iTunes which proves that not everything innovative comes out of the Valley. Spotify is Swedish.