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Hackers leak info stolen from Mandiant analyst, threaten similar attacks

"This leak was just a glimpse of how deep we breached into Mandiant, we might publish more critical data in the future," 31337's Pastebin message reportedly warned.

APTs flutter false flags

Kaspersky Lab's researchers think they've found an increasing incidence of APT groups using false flag tactics to throw off their pursuers

Don't spend more, spend better: Interview with FireEye's Richard Turner:

FireEye's EMEA president, Richard Turner discusses its new Advanced Threat Report

Update: Cisco issues free scanner for SYNful Knock

After the revelation that 200 Cisco routers have been compromised with the SYNful Knock implant, Cisco has released a free scanner for customers.

New malware discovered internationally on 14 Cisco routers

SYNful Knock, a new kind of malware has been found on Cisco routers around the globe. Cyber-security experts say this represents a threat previously thought only theoretical.

Chinese hackers steal confidential documents on Israeli missile defence system

Chinese hackers compromised the computer systems of three Israeli defence contractors between 10 October 2011 and 13 August 2012 to steal hundreds of confidential documents on Israel's Iron Dome missile defence system.

FireEye buys Mandiant for US$ 1 billion to counter growing cyber threat

FireEye taps its IPO cash pile to acquire data forensics specialist.