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As mobile voice grows, so do threats to mobile networks

It's critical for service providers to raise awareness regarding the importance of delivering VoIP, whether over mobile or fixed Internet networks, not just cost-efficiently but securely. As connectivity expands, so do the threats.

MEWKit phishing campaign steals MyEtherWallet credentials

The cyber-criminals who last April executed a man-in-the-middle attack on a Amazon DNS server to steal £112,699 in Ethereum cryptocurrency from pulled off their heist using a newly discovered phishing kit.

Security flaw puts 10 million banking app users at risk

Vulnerability could enable hackers to carry out MitM attacks on bank apps - 10 million users at risk

SideStepper vulnerability in iOS 9 endangers companies that use MDM to distribute apps

Researchers are warning companies that the use of MDM technology opens up a loophole in protections added to Apple's iOS 9 to help prevent employees from downloading malicious software posing as legit enterprise apps.