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UK launching Cyber Security Export Strategy today to support sales

The UK is responding to finding itself in conflict with Russia by flaunting its cyber-skills and promoting exports to its allies with a new cyber security export strategy.

Researchers claim AMD processors are riddled with critical flaws

Researchers at CTS Labs are accusing computer chip manufacturer Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) of disregarding "fundamental security principles" and overlooking "poor security practices and insufficient quality controls."

France mulls manufacturer liability & open-sourcing, IoT industry on edge

The French government has floated a proposal to make manufacturers of internet-connected devices liable for the security of their devices while they are on the market.

Lenovo addresses insecure credential storage bug in Fingerprint Manager Pro

Hardware and electronics manufacturer Lenovo disclosed an insecure credential storage vulnerability in its Fingerprint Manager Pro utility software, which can be exploited for local privilege escalation on a variety of systems.

British manufacturers urged to step up their cyber-security plans

To face the growing number of cyber-threats as part of their efforts to get ready for the 4th industrial revolution, British manufacturers are being urged to step up their cyber-security planning.