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IoT botnets will force governments to regulate IoT device manufacturers

As IoT botnet attacks continue to grow in size and effectiveness in 2018, the damage they cause will force the IoT manufacturing industry to add stronger security to their products.

Google scores key win with security and applications deal

Taylor Woodrow, one of the UK's largest construction companies, is to give all its staff access to Google Apps, backed by the internet giant's security products

RSA Conference 2007: Don't worry, be happy to achieve security agenda, says ConAgra Foods risk exec

Smile, relax, listen and exude confidence — but keep that ego in check. Oh, and don't forget that morning pep talk with yourself.

Sony BMG settles with FTC

Sony BMG Entertainment has settled with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over charges the entertainment giant violated federal law when it surreptitiously installed digital rights management software on CDs last year.

Hackers greet with holiday DoS attack

The popular ecommerce website CafePress told members it was hit by distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks this week.

Sony BMG settles with 39 states over CD rootkits

Sony BMG Music Entertainment has agreed to pay $4.25 million in a settlement with 39 states over malicious digital rights management software the music giant surreptitiously installed on CDs last year.

Vista Launch: New OS an opportunity for niche security firms

While most major security vendors worked out the kinks in their Windows Vista-compatible offerings this week, some niche vendors were taking advantage of the corporate launch to unveil new security solutions.

Sourcefire going public

Sourcefire, maker of the popular open-source Snort intrusion prevention technology, has filed for an initial public offering (IPO) to raise up to $75 million in stock, six months after plans to be acquired by Check Point fizzled out amid a federal investigation.

McAfee warns botnets could threaten infrastructure

Researchers with McAfee released a whitepaper today that claims botnets could feasibly threaten most countries' infrastructures.

Microsoft developmental leaders to switch positions

When development work on Microsoft's next generation Vista operating system is complete, the software giant will place its security division under the company's Windows group.

Study: IT pros worried about disabled or misconfigured security safeguards

Nearly nine of 10 IT professionals are worried that hackers and malware will cause their security safeguards to be disabled or misconfigured, a new study shows.

Laptop with personal info of 55,000 GE workers stolen

A laptop containing the names and Social Security numbers of about 50,000 General Electric (GE) employees was stolen from a locked hotel room earlier this month.