Demonstrating that financial gain can be a motivator for nefarious activity, 35 percent of employees were willing to sell their firm's intellectual property if the price was right.

While most of these people held out for a high bid, three percent put that price at £100, 18 percent said it would take £1,000 to sway them and 29 percent required a heftier payout of £10,000, according to research by Clearswift.

Just as troubling ,the study found only 39 percent of UK employees seem to understand that leaked intellectual property could prove damaging to their companies, the study noted.

Of significant concern, 44 percent of respondents to the cyber-security company's study said they have access to that information, while 35 percent said their access includes information above their pay grade.

Also troubling, 12 percent had lost a device that contained sensitive information.