MariaDB 10.1 enables decryption 'without degrading performance'

News by Max Metzger

An industry leader in database solutions has recently announced a new product. The MariaDB corporation today announced the release of MariaDB 10.1  RC, a new open-source project which they claim will allow to fully encrypt their databases without degrading performance.

MariaDB, named after the daughter of its lead developer Michael “Monty” Widenius, is an open source relational database management system. One of its selling points is that existing users of MySQL databases can port their data to MariaDB without the need to update existing software.

Database encryption is typically run through third-party extensions, but MariaDB 10.1 allows users to bypass the typically high cost and performance degrading effect of such extensions. As the Big Data database market grows to nearly £3 billion in 2017, MariaDB 10.1 has been welcomed by some.

Nik Rouda, a senior analyst at ESG, told Reuters: “Business continue to struggle with the endless growth of traditional databases in terms of size, number and cost, and are looking for alternatives to better meet the requirements of new 'software as a service' applications.”

Garrett Bekker, a senior analyst of enterprise security at 451 Research, told MarketWire of the need for this project: “With native, transparent data encryption in MariaDB 10.1, MariaDB helps ease adoption hurdles for CISOs and CIOs who are looking to adopt best practices in data security.”

MariaDB 10.1 will offer enhancements in several areas including scalability, interoperability, security and performance. It is currently available to download, with a larger release planned for early next month.


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