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Mac OS bug reveals encrypted file info, claim researchers

A widely-publicised flaw within the latest Mac OS can reveal more than business users might like...

VPNFilter malware far more extensive than first thought

Giant IoT botnet malware targeting routers keeps getting worse, with an ever-expanding list of devices vulnerable to attack.

Microsoft's Github buy: is it good news for security?

Microsoft has announced a £5.6 billion deal to acquire software development platform GitHub, arguably the most visible open source resource online.

Cobalt Hacking Group continues despite leader arrest

Banking hacking group Cobalt continues to operate despite the arrest of a leading figure recently, according to researchers.

Fourth Spectre-style Intel chip flaw revealed: speed vs security trade-off

New Spectre-style vulnerability affecting Intel chips uncovered by bug bounty programme. Intel has confirmed a new exploit - titled Variant 4 - that uses speculative execution, to potentially expose data through a side channel.