MarkMonitor has launched a brand protection option designed to help brand owners shut down fraudulent websites and prevent counterfeit and pirated goods from reaching consumers.

The Site Staydown Service protects a company's brand from websites that pose a significant risk to company reputation and revenues. MarkMonitor claimed that the issue of counterfeit goods has been highlighted frequently over the last year and for businesses this problem causes a continuous headache.

According to Charlie Abrahams, VP and general manager of EMEA at MarkMonitor, the solution provides brands with a cost-effective, fast and efficient alternative for taking action against fraudulent activity that erodes sales and dilutes marketing investments.

He said: “While brands address the problem of counterfeit and pirated goods with time-consuming traditional enforcement methods, fraudsters continue to profit from illicit activities.”

Deborah Greaves, secretary and general counsel for True Religion Brand Jeans, said: “Confronting the challenge of online counterfeiting is complex, in part because of the inherent ability of counterfeiters to avoid detection and the cross-border nature of the internet, which reduces the ability of brand owners to engage law enforcement in policing this new frontier.

“An option like the Site Staydown Service from MarkMonitor provides an effective alternative for brand owners to shut down infringing sites quickly, protecting consumers and reducing the profit potential for fraudsters.”