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Matchlogon with FingerPIN 5.1





£49.99 for the Client edition/workstation edition and £999.90 for the Server edition

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Strengths: Users require a fingerprint sequence to log on to workstations

Weaknesses: Difficult to enroll users

Verdict: This product is easy to install, but enrolling users can be a challenge

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The Matchlogon with FingerPIN system incorporates some very nice features and functionality for deploying biometrics into an existing environment. The user enters a specific fingerprint sequence during enrollment and can use that sequence to log on to the workstation.

This product also allows the user to change the sequence at any time, much like a password, which provides extra security. Finally, it can be deployed either on a standalone workstation or as part of an enterprise-wide rollout.

We found this product to be of average ease of use. The deployment of the product is fairly straightforward, and the specific installation sequence is well documented. However, we found that when it came to enrollment of users, the process became more difficult. When setting up our fingerprint sequence, we ran into several problems getting the sequence to verify. After several attempts we did accomplish the verification, but it took much longer and many more attempts than we expected.

Aside from the difficult enrollment, we thought this tool a good performer. The database integrates with Active Directory, provides simple deployment and easy management. Users and user properties can be managed through the Active Directory users and computers screen in Windows Server or they can be administrated via an MMC snap-in.

Documentation is a simple HTML installation guide. This contains excellent step-by-step instructions for installation of both the server and the client workstation. We found this information to be organised and well illustrated with screenshots. The vendor offers email and phone technical support for the product, as well as training services. The website, however, lacks any other support tools such as a knowledge base or FAQs.

With prices starting at £49.99 for the client edition/workstation edition and £999.90 for the server edition before any hardware is purchased, this product can become expensive. We find that for the overall lifecycle cost, this product is of average value considering the trouble we had enrolling users.