A coding error that transmits children's login details has been discovered in the mathematics e-leaning platform, Mathletics.

3P Learning developers have resolved the error, however some parents are still concerned about the privacy and security of the website.

“Upon using the provided credentials for the first time to log into the site it was evident that there is no HTTPS SSL present,” said software developer Ian, whose daughter used the Mathletics site.

The Australia-based developers plan was to upgrade Mathletics so all communications with the site went over an encrypted link. Mitch Nicholls, chief technology officer at 3P Learning said of the upgrade plans: “We haven't had a data breach to this day, however from my perspective one concern about security from a user/parent is one more than is necessary to review and rectify any issues that are perceived. We are already in the process of moving all traffic to HTTPS as a matter of priority, with our third party providers assisting us with that.”

According to its website, Mathletics is trusted by over 4.8 million students in more than 18,000 schools worldwide with over a dozen international curricula.  

Nicholls stated on the 3P Learning privacy policy, “we take the storage of our users' data incredibly seriously and place the highest priority on ensuring its security.”