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Mirai evolves as Windows-based spreader is discovered on 500 systems

A Mirai spreader for Windows has been discovered on hundreds of systems, showing a maturing of the infamous botnet building malware.

SC Congress: NCSC mission to change cyber-security culture explained

National Cyber Security Centre technical director Dr Ian Levy explained how the government will create a more rational approach to cyber-security.

Verizon deal: Breaches discount Yahoo 350 million below original price

After nearly a year of negotiations and the disclosure of two of the largest breaches ever reported, Verizon and Yahoo have finally come to a deal with Yahoo being discounted by a hefty sum.

Youth scheme shows telltale signs of early cyber-security aptitude

A scheme aimed at teaching young people online safety has published a list to show parents that their kids might have an interest IT security.

Insider comes back for revenge, sentenced to three years inside

A malicious insider who came back for revenge on the paper company that once employed him has been sentenced to nearly three years in prison.