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Survey: Experts say 'fake news' changing UK's political landscape

A new survey from DomainTools reveals the effect cyber-security professionals think that Fake News has had on the UK's political landscape.

Clinton's campaign manager: There will be a CISO in every campaign

Clinton's presidential election campaign manager, Robby Mook, told a crowd in London about his experience of 'election hacking.'

Gridlocked: Aussie speed cameras infected with WannaCry ransomware

In the latest episode in the WannaCry saga, the infamous piece of ransomware has locked up dozens of speed cameras in the south eastern region of Victoria.

NSA Double Pulsar malware found mining monero for malicious miscreants

Yet another case of cyber-criminals using NSA hacking tools has emerged, this time leveraged to mine crypto-currency.

The return of WannaCry makes Honda manufacturing plant Wannacry

The Japanese auto giant was hit with WannaCry ransomware on Sunday, forcing it to halt production of 1,000 cars.