McAfee adds security functions to new endpoint protection solutions

News by Dan Raywood

McAfee has announced the launch of two new suites in its McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection range: Enterprise and Business.

McAfee has announced the launch of two new suites in its McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection range: Enterprise and Business.

Speaking to SC Magazine, Jill Kyte, senior vice president of products at McAfee, said that with the rapid increase of malicious programs – it saw a 29 per cent increase in samples between Q1 and Q4 of 2012 – it needed to be able to protect users. Therefore it has added whitelisting, mobile device management, encryption technologies, its ePolicy Orchestrator software and McAfee enterprise mobile manager to these suites.

McAfee has also included the Deep Defender rootkit protection, jointly developed by Intel and McAfee. It said that this protects endpoints from stealthy attacks through security that goes beyond the operating system.

Kyte said: “We needed to add whitelisting technology as the ePolicy Orchestrator provides a single console to bring things together and understand what happens below the operating system, and that is what we are hoping to cure with the new offering.

“IT administrators can see the benefits of reduced scanning times and determine which are appropriate and the benefits. We put in the Deep Defender technology and also included mobile device management. We needed to enhance the need for anti-virus as the only method of protection.

“What comes into play is the benefit users have to get from a real-time intelligence feed.”

A McAfee customer from a public sector body told SC Magazine that it had deployed this solution as "anti-virus was not enough" and did not offer enough protection, and it was also utilising data loss prevention technology and vulnerability management to manage its network.

Speaking on the whitelisting offering, the company said: “This is very important to us as what we can do is make sure we have the right line and what this does is go beyond what Microsoft does, as you do not know where the malware is or how it gets on to the desktop and maybe users are not aware of it.

“The real-time threat intelligence will make life easier. We have got the same team for security and we maintain controls for the organisation and if we are dealing with real-time data, it will reduce the amount of manpower we put into something.” 


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