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Strengths: Offers many features and includes one year support for a low cost

Weaknesses: The Java client is slow to load

Verdict: A good product for the price, and administration will not tax overburdened IS/IT staff. We rate the McAfee Secure Internet Gateway 3000 our Best Buy.

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This solution requires keyboard and monitor (vga) access to the appliance itself. It performs all the tasks for secure content management; which includes blocking spam, filtering inappropriate URLs, scans for viruses and malicious code.

McAfee Secure Internet Gateway 3000 has a unique feature in that it can scan POP3 connections for viruses and other malicious code. This is important for the small to medium business that chooses to have its email hosted offsite. The product will scan email coming to the mail client and not just mail server to mail server communications.

McAfee's appliance also integrates with Active Directory, both as a way of verifying that the user exists and to allow each user to manage an individual quarantine. The anti-spam feature uses most traditional techniques as well as a few new ones that are specific to this product.

The installation was the quickest of the solutions tested. The device uses the existing keyboard and VGA monitor to perform the initial configuration. Once this is complete, the configuration is managed through either a downloaded client or a Java-based web interface. The Java client takes some time to load, but runs well. Once you are using a configuration client the device walks you through an eight-step wizard for additional configuration.

The wizard does a pretty complete job of the configuration of the device once you get past the bugs in the wizard interface. Plan on making multiple trips to the management console while you're installing this product.

Documentation is included on the installation CD and as a print copy of an installation guide. The latter is well written and walks the user through step-by-step configurations. The PDFs are indexed, which makes finding information easier.

Support is available via phone, email and web. One year hardware and software support are included in the purchase price of the McAfee Secure Internet Gateway 3000.

With a list price for the device of £1,848, the cost of the McAfee offering is at the low to mid-end of the price spectrum. When you consider the amount of features, the ease of installation and configuration and the included support, McAfee Secure Internet Gateway 3000 is the SC Best Buy.

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