McAfee has announced the acquisition of ValidEdge to add sandboxing technology to its anti-malware offering.

According to the company, this will add an automatic blocking function on attacks by convicted malware samples, when combined with McAfee's Security Connected range of network and endpoint anti-malware products. It also said that this will provide signature information so infected endpoints can be remediated automatically by McAfee's ePolicy Orchestrator. The first product that integrates the new sandboxing technology is expected later this year.

The company has also announced more than 30 malware-focused product enhancements, including the network sharing platform for signature-less threat detection, enhanced web and email protection and McAfee Deep Defender, which provides protection against master boot record (MBR) rootkits.

Pat Calhoun, senior vice president and general manager of network security at McAfee, said: “We are now extending our lead in malware protection by continuing to invest in new products and product enhancements.

“Point products can't provide adequate protection against these advanced attacks, which is why McAfee is delivering an integrated, multi-layered, managed solution that provides comprehensive malware protection across endpoints and networks.”