McAfee has said that it will expand its current product portfolio to offer more integrated solutions and comprehensive protection via its Security Connected framework.

According to the company, the framework enables the integration of multiple products, services and partnerships for centralised and effective risk mitigation, allowing it to bring together its network and endpoint protection through an extensible framework. This integrates products with global threat intelligence to deliver visibility across all threat vectors.

As part of this, McAfee has confirmed that it will release enhancements to build out its advanced malware protection offerings and will make a major announcement around its security management solutions in the first quarter of 2013.

Michael Fey, chief technology officer at McAfee, said: “The industry has been built on a historical thought process that will not support the demands of the future. We must move to having a real-time understanding and response capability if we are to meet the needs of the future.”

Chris Christiansen, program vice president for security products and services at IDC, said: “Businesses are looking for integrated security solutions with built in intelligence and policies. The changes in business today will require the move from simply securing components, to understanding and measuring the security of a business system as a whole.”