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SC Congress 2018: How we recover once we've suffered a ransomware attack

It's become so easy for anyone to pull-off a ransomware attack even an 11 year old could do it, Raj Samani, chief scientist for McAfee told delegates at a masterclass during SC Media UK Congress 2018 last week.

Global tech firms let Russian defence agency peek at source code for flaws

A handful of tech companies have given a Russian defence agency the opportunity to sort the source code of their software, to uncover vulnerabilities that the Russians say could be exploited by bad actors.

McAfee CEO calls for rethink on cyber-security talent shortage

It's not a talent shortage problem, more a "talent efficiency opportunity". Also Skyhigh purchase announced.

File carving can reverse WannaCry ransomware encryption, says McAfee

Security researchers at McAfee say they have developed an experimental method for recovering files encrypted by WannaCry ransomware.

McAfee breaks away from Intel Security with new mission statement

McAfee is promoting a unified approach to security, with its CEO Chris Young encouraging the idea that "we're all better working together".

Amidst lawsuit, McAfee aims to innovate as a separate entity

As Intel proceeds with plans to divest its majority stake in Intel Security, the chipmaker's security business unit, a lawsuit filed against Intel threatens to create challenges for the entity.

ICYMI: McAfee security manager, cybersec salaries, Conficker worm, embedded XP; JD Wetherspoon breach

The latest In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) looks at McAfee security manager failure; 2016 cybersec salaries up; Conficker in 20% of attacks; Embedded XP end-of-life; Wetherspoon breach took 15 mins.

Vulnerability found in McAfee, Kaspersky and AVG anti-virus softwares

Three major anti-virus softwares have been shown to be vulnerable to a large coding vulnerability.

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager failed to manage own security

Hard-coded username allowed access to the McAfee Enterprise Security Manager as master user without authentication or password.

Hackers sell streaming music, video account details for as little as 33p

Dark web has been offering various streaming services on the internet for cut rate prices cheaper than a monthly subscription

McAfee Labs quarterly report reviews five-year threat retrospective

The report provides a recollection of threats from the last five years, GPU malware assessment and techniques for withdrawing data from corporate networks.