Medical Databases News, Articles and Updates

Unsecured N.Y. medical practice server exposes 42,000 records

A Long Island, New York, medical practice left an exposed port normally used for remote synchronisation open exposing at least 42,000 medical records.

Sensitive medical records on AWS bucket found to be publicly accessible

A large cache of sensitive medical records handled by a US-based digital records management company was found stored in an Amazon S3 storage bucket without adequate protection.

NHS 1.2 million patient name database hacked 'to expose weaknesses'

The NHS has suffered a data breach in its SwiftQueue appointment booking system whose database contains confidential records on up to 1.2 million people according to an exclusive report in the Sun tabloid newspaper.

Australian Red Cross data breach biggest in country's history

1.3m Australian Red Cross records leaked, exposing medical data

Three more US hospitals hit with ransomware

Three more hospitals have been hit with ransomware, in what seems to be an endless rash of hospital attacks.

Canadian hospital infected with ransomware

Yet another hospital, this time in Canada, has been infected with Ransomware.

Cancer clinic's customer data stolen

Yet another breach on a medical organisation has meant the theft of names, diagnoses, treatments and social security numbers.

Encrypted medical databases shown to leak information

Microsoft research finds record vulnerable to data leakage