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Medical supplier Inogen hit with breach, 30,000 possibly affected

A US-based medical device manufacturer reported that 30,000 former and current customers may have had their personal information exposed when a company employee's email account was compromised.

Unsecured N.Y. medical practice server exposes 42,000 records

A Long Island, New York, medical practice left an exposed port normally used for remote synchronisation open exposing at least 42,000 medical records.

Sensitive medical records on AWS bucket found to be publicly accessible

A large cache of sensitive medical records handled by a US-based digital records management company was found stored in an Amazon S3 storage bucket without adequate protection.

ICO investigating potential leak of 26m NHS patient records

An "enhanced data sharing" feature in a software named SystmOne in use by a third of NHS practices opens up medical records without patient consent.

ICYMI: Spam leak; password loss; Privacy Shield; hospital hit; app in iframe

In Case You Missed It: Spammer breached; Yahoo/gmail passwords; Privacy Shield concern; malware shuts hospital; 132 apps in iframe malware.

Flaws in defibrillator security set researchers' hearts aflutter

Wireless implanted medical devices with little or no security are shown to be vulnerable to hacking, enabling hackers to eavesdrop on confidential medical data or tamper with life-saving therapies.

Do drug pump disclosures point to culture of insecurity in healthcare?

Researchers have uncovered security vulnerabilities in an insulin pump that had the potential to cost lives. SC asks if medical hardware device vulnerabilities are purely a technical problem, or whether a culture of insecurity is to blame...

9.2 million medical records for sale on darkweb

A darkweb marketplace is now advertising nearly 10 million medical records apparently stolen from a large US insurance company

Medical staff routinely ignore IT security to do their jobs

Doctors and nurses would rather save a patient's life than adhere to infosec best practices, according to new research into healthcare cyber-security.

Anti-virus software stops surgery to scan medical monitor for malware

Screens on a vital medical monitor went blank in the middle of a heart procedure in the US - officials blame human error for misconfigured AV software.

Nearly 1500 vulnerabilities found in automated medical equipment

Security researchers have discovered 1,418 flaws in outdated medical equipment still in use by some healthcare providers.

New ransomware 'SamSam' takes aim at hospitals

Hospitals have taken a beating recently, not least from a new form of ransomware called SamSam that comes loaded with lethal new features.

Is the NHS ripe for a ransomware attack?

A rash of ransomware attacks has hit Western hospitals in recent months, but could it happen to the NHS?

Three more US hospitals hit with ransomware

Three more hospitals have been hit with ransomware, in what seems to be an endless rash of hospital attacks.

Cancer clinic's customer data stolen

Yet another breach on a medical organisation has meant the theft of names, diagnoses, treatments and social security numbers.

Ransomware holds data hostage in two German hospitals

A ransomware campaign has hit two German hospitals, soon after another ransomware campaign hit a Los Angeles medical centre, and the clean up is set to take weeks.

Adrian Davis: Is the free market failing cyber-security?

Dr Adrian Davis of (ISC)2 spoke to SC about how cyber-security will affect all of our lives in the coming decade and how it can't be left up to the market to decide how.

Critical medical devices are being 'owned' by botnet operators

Failure to build appropriate security into medical devices, combined with a lax user attitude, is exposing patients to cyber-risk.

Patient data revealed in medical device hack

Researchers have exploited critical vulnerabilities in two popular medical management platforms used in a host of services, including assisting surgeries and generating patient reports.