Meeting Spamina and talking filtering for the future

Opinion by Dan Raywood

Last week I met with Spamina, a Spanish email security company that had just marked its first month in the British market.

Last week I met with Spamina, a Spanish email security company that had just marked its first month in the British market.

Spamina is not the first company to have set up shop in the UK after establishing itself in Spain. It admitted to having a good relationship with Panda Security, but comes with a new and established product offering.

Meeting with international sales manager James Tyer and UK country manager Dan Power, they explained that the company had been established for five years and focused mainly on spam. However Tyer said that it was looking beyond anti-spam, with a firewall already offered and archiving and data loss prevention (DLP) solutions to follow later this year.

Tyer said that the product was developed seven years ago by an ISP for its customers, which was then redeveloped by Spamina and aligned into its own product range. The company then established offices in Latin America, with additional offices in Mexico, Brazil and Argentina.

Power said: “We have been looking at 2011 and building a roadmap and fleshed it out and it includes email security, archiving, encryption and DLP. These are the four fundamental pillars of email security and that is our roadmap. We are talking to people who are uncertain on how they will develop in the next two years. It is our job to determine what happens.”

He went on to claim that spam goes through 600 different filters with its offering. With spam amounting to 93.8 per cent of total email (135 billion messages per day according to Cisco's security report), Tyer said that security managers are spending too much time dealing with spam and Spamina's full and private cloud solutions were its way around the problem.

Power said: “These are appliance-based not cloud-based, you can use it in the private cloud and use a personal node and can use resources as they are needed. We sell on a concept and what has to be tested on your own infrastructure is more difficult to do. With a cloud-based solution, there is no impact on the infrastructure, it is easy to move into and simple to implement. You cannot mess with email.

“We keep the window of email there, filtering but continuing to keep it on and switching so the engine goes through a booster to send and retrieve email. If an exchange server goes down you can use us as a moving window for up to eight days, we believe that is a long time and the right amount of time.”

The company is currently at an initial stage recruiting resellers. Power said that with a cloud solution, it is easier to sell, as the reseller wants to find things to sell without the cost of the implementation.

Asked if they felt that the UK was falling behind other nations when it came to cloud adoption, Power said that he felt that the UK is accepting the cloud, as people accept that it is not a bad solution, that service is better managed in the cloud and it is easier to have an infrastructure and deliver a level of robustness.

“It is too early in our first month but customers say it is an issue, but what is interesting is it is as much about email archiving when it is seen as high end security," said Power. “Now the cost of storage in the cloud has gone down it is a realistic option as a backup. I am very excited in what we are doing in the space.”

Tyer confirmed that the archiving solution will be launched in this quarter, with its development currently in the final beta stage. He also said that encryption technology would follow in this quarter, while a DLP solution would arrive sometime in the first half of 2011.

With companies such as Cloudmark, CronLab and Websense among many offering email filtering solutions, some may say that it is too crowded a market for another name, but at the same time any level of variety can be healthy. Clichés aside, I am sure that this offering will be welcomed for its directness and capability as much as any other.


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