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Meltdown, Spectre updates aplenty, but the fix is more complicated

A pair of flaws dubbed Meltdown and Spectre that take advantage of the speculative execution performance feature in modern CPUs make the memory of virtually all computers and devices accessible to hackers.

Major Intel CPU flaw OS-independent; fix could degrade performance

A reported chip flaw in Intel processors that has existed at least for the last 10 years allows software programs to access content in kernel memory and patching the bug.

Margaret Sale: keeping the memory of WWII codebreakers alive for 25 years

This week marks the 25th anniversary of the Save Bletchley Park Campaign. The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC) is paying tribute to all campaigners, especially Margaret Sale who has given 25 years of service ensuring the memory of the Second World War codebreakers.

Intel looks at stopping hackers and malware at the processor level

Plans are being hatched to prevent return-oriented programming attacks on memory flaws