Merchant bank and operational risk business Salamanca Group has added a cyber security division to help its clients combat the threat of attacks on computer networks.

Created in a joint venture with Si-SecureView, it said that since 2005, the team has been involved in a number of high profile projects providing IT security architecture, stress-testing systems and a variety of other solutions for government agencies and private sector companies.

The new division will manage clients' network infrastructure to ensure cyber security and risk compliance. This will include 24-hour monitoring and management of firewalls, servers and switches, according to the company.

This can be done either as a cloud-based service remotely through Salamanca Group's security operations centres (SOCs) or for those who want a localised approach, people, process and technology can be located to client sites.

Also offered are business continuity planning, response teams, professional services for vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, firewall migration and web application security testing.

Feras Tappuni, managing director of Si, said: “The launch of Salamanca Group's cyber security division represents a significant step forward in ensuring the adequate protection of security systems and we feel confident that with the expertise of our team, we are providing a service that will become an essential security factor for all businesses in the future.”

Heyrick Bond Gunning, managing director of risk management at Salamanca Group, said: “Cyber security is a growing and ever complex threat for both large and small companies, with the potential to cost them hundreds of thousands of pounds and irreparable reputational embarrassment.

“As we have seen from recent high profile attacks, it is vital that businesses are able to protect themselves from potential threats and in the case of penetration, are able to swiftly respond and remediate threats before they impact the security and reputation of a business.”